Unbelievable. Karlsruhe.

» A city full of surprises! «

Unbelievable. Karlsruhe.

A city full of surprises!

What do most Germans think of when they hear the name Karlsruhe? The highest federal courts in the land. As in “Karlsruhe ruling”. University city. Local football club Karlsruher SC. OK, OK, that’s not bad for a start, but it’s still not likely to set the world on fire. Particularly since our young, booming city has so much more to offer! The fact is that more young people are making a beeline for Karlsruhe than for any other city of its size – and it was voted “most liveable city in Germany” in 2015. As well as all this, Karlsruhe is one of the top ten cultural locations in Germany. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

As our guests will tell you, there is far more to Karlsruhe than meets the eye. This may well be the case, but you will need a little time to discover it. Care for a taste?